1. What are the distances for the event?
    Triathlon: 800m swim, 24km bike, 5km run
    Aquathlon: 800m swim, 5km run

2. What time does the event start?
    The first TRIATHLON swimmer enters the water at 6.30am and the first AQUATHLON swimmer enters the water at 7.45am.

3. What about the rest of the triathlon participants?
    Each participant is ordered according to their estimated 800m swim time, from fastest to slowest. A participant is set of every 15 seconds.

4. How do we swim?
    Please refer to the illustration below on how swim is conducted.

5. Can we warm up?
     Yes, the pool will be open from 6.00am onwards for warm up.

6. Can we change in between sports?
    Chinese Swimming Club offers changing rooms but in triathlon or aquathlon, people wear tri clothing which can be used from swim until run or for the entire duration of the event.

7. What is the cutoff time?
    The cutoff time is 3 hours after the start of your swim.

8. Where to park the bicycles?
    Bicycles are parked in the transition area.

9. What is a transition area?
    A transition area is the place where participants transition from swim to bike, run to bike and bike to run.

10. Is the transition area secure?
    We have people guarding the transition area at all times. Only participants are allowed in.

11. What is the bike route like?
    It is two loops of 12km. Please refer to the map here:

12. What is the run route like?
    It is out and back 5km. Please refer to the map here:

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